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Authorization for what?

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  • Me: I wonder what this summer is gonna be like
  • Marcus: Gangsta. U feel like you're going to have a calm or hype summer?
  • Me: Lusty lmao
  • Marcus: Lmao lusty though... I see it. Head for days
  • Me: My hormones have been raging :(
  • Marcus: That's the worst listen masturbation always clears my head from making those in moment decisions
  • Me: Lol I am not about that life
  • Marcus: Listen I wasn't either until those numbers started getting high lol
  • Me: I still haven't completed two hands as far as men go. More than 1 but less than 2. Men and women put together is a different story.
  • Marcus: Good!!! Lol If she's under 10 than you're basically a virgin
  • Me: Lmfaoooo no virgin here but that makes me feel better
  • Marcus: Lmao no virgin just a Virgo #bam
  • Me: Lol yassss Virgo! Virgo women are known as the "Madonna whore" ie: her song Like a Virgin because we are the virgin symbol but we really are freaks. We put this innocent hard to get facade. That's why I say I'm prude and pretentious because I really am. I'm selective with who I sleep with because I'm vain.
  • Marcus: I'm living for this whole text message made bougie I love it
  • Me: Lmaooooooo so snobby. 5th & Collins!
  • Marcus: Lmao yes!!!!! I can't this bitch and 5th and Collins. Twerkkk
  • Me: Do you know how fly it is to say that as your address???!!!
  • Marcus: Uh yes and you were dumb young living there (19-20) Bitch you are living life be proud of yourself

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Why pamper life’s complexities when the leather runs smooth on the passenger seat?

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What a brutal medium this is. Here, as I write you in my tiny bedroom on the fourth floor, it is nighttime. I have one single lamp by my bed that casts such a tight pool of light that I can almost feel you lying here next to me as I speak. But when it finally comes that you are standing in front of these words, it will be daytime and you will be surrounded by strangers. You will have rushed in expectantly or meandered unknowingly and either way, you will come with a thousand other things rushing around in your head. I hope that despite the unpredictability of your mood, you will read these notes without dwelling on who we were. Though we haven’t been apart long there are misunderstandings that linger between us. If history repeats itself, these misunderstandings will only grow deeper. In case you haven’t noticed, I look graceful on the outside but inwardly I am at war. Please tell me, my love, that something else is possible.

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